Sous Chefs Fresh Inspiration, the premier fresh produce brand for chefs

Sous Chefs Fresh Inspiration is a balanced range of remarkable fruit and vegetable varieties specially selected for the professional chef. We inspire the professional chef to create remarkable, distinctive, high quality dishes.

Sous Fresh Chefs Inspiration is the brand that embodies our passion to offer the surprising fresh food experience with fruit and vegetables with which you can constantly surprise your customers in every way.

A range of unusual, innovative fruit and vegetable varieties that open up a world of inspiration for you, the professional chef:

  • Inspiration
    Unique products that contribute to a gastronomic experience. Use innovative preparation methods. Applications that go beyond the obvious. Inspire!
  • Colour
    Bring colour into the kitchen and bring colour to the plate. Colour contributes to the gastronomic experience. The more colourful, the tastier!
  • Flavour
    Products with delicious, honest, full flavours. Products that are suitable for gastronomic flavour combinations. Delicious food!

From forgotten vegetables to unknown products, from exotic delicacies to regional sources of flavour. They’re all beautiful vegetables and fruit, picked at the moment of perfect ripening and delivered with as few food miles as possible between plant and customer.

Tailored to your wishes

Our entire service provision is tailored to the needs of the professional chef. From the excellent quality of the products to the packaging, which is designed for ease of use in the professional kitchen where necessary.

To make it even easier for chefs, we have a pre-washed and even pre-cut various vegetables. This semi-convenience range has been carefully developed without compromise in terms of flavour and quality. Because only the very best is good enough for you and your customers.


Only a select group of fruit and vegetables can bear the name Sous Chefs Fresh Inspiration. They must meet strict criteria:

  • What the chef’s looking for
  • Colour and flavour
  • Inspiring and innovative
  • Ready-to-use
  • Kitchen-specific packaging

Other basic criteria are, of course:

  • Class 1
  • Meet quality and food safety requirements