Specially for the professional kitchen – the Inspiration Box

The Inspiration Box is delivered monthly with surprising fresh produce that inspires, excites and challenges you to experiment. Based on:

Flavour Flavoursome and unique ingredients. Experiment with surprising flavour combinations.

Stimulate the customer, create colour on the plate

Inspiration Be more creative with fruit and vegetables!

The Inspiration Box is delivered every month:

  • To experiment and to challenge you to create dishes with fruit and vegetables in the leading role
  • With exclusive, inspiring recipes from professional chefs
  • With extensive product information
  • With preparation suggestions
  • High quality products
  • Save time and keep up to date with the latest trends and developments in the field of fruit and vegetables.

For an example of the Inspiration Box click here .

Yes, I would like to receive the Inspiration Box with innovative fresh produce through my supplier. 

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Fellow cooks’ experiences

“Because it’s important for me to handle products, to smell them and taste them.”

“A professional chef nowadays does not have the time to wander round a market and examine and discover new varieties of fruit and vegetables. The Inspiration Box meets that need. “

“The Inspiration Box has a motivating effect. I now incorporate far more fruit and vegetables in my dishes, develop new recipes and surprise my guests. “

“Every month the Inspiration Box surprises me with new products that are unusual. The enclosed product information and recipes challenge me to experiment and to develop new dishes. “