Fresh, quality and inspiring: fruit and vegetables from Sous Fresh

Sous Chefs Fresh Inspiration is the brand that has been developed by Sous Fresh BV. Sous Fresh stands for fresh inspiration and the reliable delivery of the very best range of fresh fruit and vegetables. We provide our customers with fresh produce of consistent quality all year round. Delivered in composite pallets or in large volumes. Always on time and perfectly fresh.

Working from that basis, we go further in order to keep coming up with new varieties, flavours, concepts and applications. That is Sous Fresh at its best: the culinary partner for professional chefs who want to do more with fruit and vegetables.


Own import arrangements

Thanks to our own import arrangements and a network of carefully selected key suppliers and key partners we maintain maximum control over the quality of our products. For some products we cut out the middleman and buy our fruit and vegetables directly from the grower. It provides us with the opportunity to offer outstanding value for money all year round. We live up to our title as a supplier of fresh produce every day.


Demand-focused delivery

We deliver the fresh range of fruit and vegetables spot on time and in the quantity that your customer needs. If required, we can supply exclusive fruit and vegetables on a composite pallet, whilst large volumes are handled with just as much care and attention. Sous Fresh leads the field in fresh produce. We also think about the use of our products. We make life easier for the professional chef with semi-convenience solutions such as pre-washed or pre-processed vegetables.


The essence of Sous Fresh in triplicate

  • Mission
    “Our products and services make an important contribution to the gastronomic experience of fresh food for our customers’ customers. We offer a range of fresh produce that exactly matches the professional chef’s current needs and at the same time stimulates and challenges him to prepare dishes with vegetables in the lead role which are based on flavour, colour and health. “
  • Vision
    We are the chef’s right hand. We are passionate about seeking out new flavour sensations, concepts and applications for fruit and vegetables. We want to achieve a 80% use of vegetables and 20% of meat/fish, whereby vegetables are synonymous with health, flavour sensation and a creative colour palette to stimulate the senses and where the focus is on the gastronomic experience and result. A high level of trust and cooperation with our partners in the chain determines this result and success. “
  • CSR statement
    Everything we supply comes from nature, so we treat it very carefully. For us, corporate social responsibility means doing business with a maximum respect for people, nature and the environment. This manifests itself in a large number of conscious choices, from the selection of growers through to packaging and transporting our products as sustainably as possible.

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