Sous Fresh Chefs Inspiration is the inspirational fruits and vegetables brand for the professional cook. We try to inspire professional chefs in all sorts of ways. And that’s appreciated!

Gunter Paffendorf: "Constantly looking for inspiration in color and flavor"
Gunter Paffendorf

We meet Gunter Paffendorf at our visit to Dining 65 in Arnhem. This is no chance encounter. Over the past months we have often encountered other digitally, via the Sous Fresh Instagram account and the inspirational account of this Sous Chef.


Lots of vegetables, 80/20
Striking is his innovative use of color and taste, and especially the use of fruit and vegetables in his dishes, is rather remarkable. An approach that we support with the Sous Fresh Chefs Inspiration vision. The use of 80% vegetables and 20% meat or fish.

Vegetables play an important role in my dishes,” says Gunter. “Because I want to serve my guests a balanced menu in which flavor and color play a leading role. And I get that by further developing and testing all the possibilities offered by fruit and vegetables.”

Gunter looks for inspiration every day and finds it in places such as the Instagram accounts of fellow chefs and Sous Fresh, wandering round the market or at his supplier and by reading cookery books and magazines. From there he experiments and develops recipes. His main motivation is thereby to constantly surprise his guests and make colour and flavour the decisive factor.


New types of fruit and vegetables
In his continuous search for inspiration with fruit and vegetables he also looks at the developments in the market. New varieties that have been introduced, other ways of preparing and combining food. Information about the products is thereby crucial for him. “Because I think the story behind the products is important.”

And so does Sous Fresh with its Chefs Inspiration brand, and that appeals to him.


Sous Chefs Fresh Inspiration Box
Gunter describes the introduction of the Sous Fresh Chefs Inspiration Box as “a very welcome addition in my quest for inspiration and beautiful new dishes with fresh produce. It’s tangible, and and I can get to work with it straightaway. “

He enthusiastically receives the Inspiration Box, and unpacks it almost like a gift. He’s delighted when he sees the products. “I really want to get to work with those radish varieties straightaway!” is his spontaneous reaction. The products in the box are not all new to him, and that “being new” will also be different for every chef. For example, he’s familiar with the Vitelotte Noir , and he immediately tells us how he uses this beautiful potato. Infectious. 

His need for information about the products is instantly met by the leaflet included with the Inspiration Box. A leaflet with suggestions for recipes, preparation and combinations. “I really think this is a great idea which meets my need for inspiration and information. I’ll get to work with these products and let you know what I’ve done with them.”

And following this inspiring conversation we can be sure that they will be fabulous dishes.

Lars Middendorf, Sous Fresh Chefs Inspirations Award winner 2015
Lars Middendorf

In the challenge for the Sous Chefs Fresh Inspirations Award 2015 during the Chef-Sache in Cologne in September 2015, Lars Middendorf managed to surpass his formidable rivals Julia Komp and Florian Rabanser.

The task in this challenge – to develop a dish with vegetables in the leading role distinguished by innovation, inspiration, colour and flavour – suited this young enthusiastic chef perfectly. Because he likes to work with vegetables.


You can do so much more with vegetables
“A perfect match,” is how Lars Middendorf describes cooking with vegetables. “With fruit and vegetables I can utilise all my creativity. Because the possibilities are endless. In terms of cooking technique and in terms of the final flavour. A braised carrot gives a different taste from a fried carrot. That’s where my passion lies.”

His winning dish is characteristic of his style. Carrots with cumin, kimchi, lovage, goat’s cheese, redcurrants and chicken skin.

Nils Henkel, Michelin-starred chef who also uses the 80% vegetables and 20% meat/fish ratio, congratulated Lars on his dish. The excellent balance of the dish, in which each taste bud was stimulated from sweet to sour and spicy to light, made it a deserving winner.


The trend for more vegetables on the plate
As chef at Bayer Gastronomie Lars Middendorf engages every day with the trend to increasingly let vegetables play the leading role on the plate.

“Not just because I find it a challenge and enjoy working with them, but also because the guests are increasingly asking for it. It’s a trend that is no longer a trend, but now a given in cookery,” said this young top chef.

“Because of the flavour and the colour on the plate. It looks nice and fresh and the flavour is more intense than meat or fish on its own. ” The meat or the fish that he serves must be of excellent quality to maintain the balance with the intense flavours of the vegetables.


Good collaboration with Sous Fresh Chefs Inspiration
The winner of the challenge was pleasantly surprised by the preparation for this Award. “No matter what fruit or vegetables or fresh herbs I wanted to use, Sous Fresh has it in its range.”

He was even more pleasantly surprised by the quality of the products provided. “Fresh and of excellent quality and in appropriate packaging. That makes me very happy! “

Lars gets the inspiration for his dishes from all over. Colour, flavour and inspiration are inextricably bound up for him with the dishes that he presents to his guests.

And it’s obvious that vegetables play a leading role in this.

Click here for the winning recipe

Raoul Bijlmakers, Restaurant Damianz

Inspiration with vegetables
We’re talking to Raoul Bijlmakers, Chef of restaurant Damianz, located in Hotel Het Arresthuis in Roermond. Sous Fresh and this chef recently started collaborating on developing the uses of fresh produce for fine dining.

New development in fine dining
“The refined use of vegetables is a big shift. Leading restaurants and chefs are convinced about this new role for vegetables,” says Raoul. Look at Niven Kunz at Restaurant Niven in Rijswijk, who holds a Michelin star. He’s even launched his own video channel on Foodtube in which he demonstrates his passion for vegetables. “Because vegetables are cool to work with,” Niven adopts the 80/20 principle. 80% vegetables and 20% meat or fish.

Vegetables in the leading role
“The new role of produce on the menu requires a new approach and way of thinking as a chef,” believes Raoul Bijlmakers. This part of the menu has long been pushed into an undeserved subordinate role. Undeserved, because the flavours and colours of fresh produce can be very influential on the guest’s plate.

Or as Heinz Reitbauer, Chef at Restaurant Steiereck who boasts 2 Michelin stars, says “Es ist mit einem Gemüsegericht zu einen verblüffen einfacher Guest as mit einem Fleisgericht. Ich bin davon überzeugt, dass vollends in einer Genusswelt ankommt Gemüse bald “.

Constant quest to be different
Raoul explains that as a chef he’s constantly looking for the things that make him different from others. Sous Fresh helps him in this. Alongside the fruit and vegetables that Sous Fresh always supplies fresh, Raoul feels that Sous Fresh’s innovative approach is also important. To inspire.

Because Sous Fresh is always looking for that ‘something different’ in its range. The Sous Fresh Chefs Inspiration brand offers precisely those products which can help a chef to stand out from the rest. Alongside perfect flavour and colour, innovation is one of the criteria for a vegetable or fruit product to be marketed under this label. Matching the chef’s need for innovation.

Culinary panel

Sous Fresh is always looking for new products, unique recipes and applications, and innovative applications. We monitor the trends closely. But who can support us in this better than professional chefs themselves?

That’s why Sous Fresh is setting up a culinary panel to get help from professional chefs. This focus group will meet four times a year to cook together, have discussions and talk about their wishes and needs in terms of fresh produce.

We are still assembling this panel. Does it sound like something you would like to do? Would you like to chat to colleagues about dishes? Inspire one another? Then please contact us! We would love to have you on board.

Send an e-mail to or click here.